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Here's a list of games/handles The MCG performed during their 2001-2005 show
"Theater Games"...

They may have played other games that are not listed.


Each player in this scene will take on the traits of some kind of animal chosen by the audience. The actors do not pretend to be the given animal, but act like person would if they were that kind of animal.


Arms Expert:

In this scene actor A will talk and supply the body for the character while player B will supply the arms for the same character.


Backwards Scene:

In this scene the actors will tell a story backwards. They will not be talking backwards, or moving in reverse, but they will present the components of the scene from the 'end' to the 'beginning.' This is a very hard scene.


Whose Line:

(2 contestants) Actors act out a situation given by the audience. Then the actors must then implement 2 sayings (each) into the act without knowing what each scrap of paper says. {The scraps of paper are given to the audience at the beginning of the show}



(2 contestants) Contestants act out a situation (Given by the Host) while 2 audience members move the contestants (statues) around.


Super heroes:

(4 contestants) Contestants act as obscure super-heroes to save the world. The first contestant (Or Superhero) is given his name by the Audience, as well as the "Nemesis causing the destruction".


Song Titles:

(4 people) Everyone in this scene may only speak in titles of a song. Songs must be popular enough for most people in the audience to know them... If they don't know them... They can also BUZZ out the player along with the host.


Video Machine:

(2-4 Players) A scene is chosen (either by audience or host) and the players must act it out... as a host yells out forward/reverse... This game is a lot of fun.



(2 contestants) Contestants act out a situation by going through the alphabet numerically. The Audience chooses the situation, and the letter on which the Contestants start/end.


Foreign Film/Voice Dub:

In this scene there will be two actors offstage and two actors on-stage. Actor A's (on-stage) voice will be supplied by actor B (offstage) and actor C's (on-stage) voice will be supplied by actor D (offstage). But The Actors OFF STAGE can't see what the actors are doing on the stage... (it sure is funny!)


Foreign Film Dub:

The following scene is similar to Voice Dub, But the language given by the audience can be from a non-existent country, or one they think would be hard for our actors to perform... The players on stage will speak only in that language. Luckily there will be players offstage dubbing the scene into English


House Party (Party Quirks):

(4 Contestants) One Contestant has to guess who his other 3 guests are. The other three guests are given their characters in an envelope so the party host doesn't know.(Temporary billboards will be made to show the audience whom they are portraying).


Categories (Pun Game):

In this scene each actor will be assigned a general category of stuff. During the scene the actor must reference her assigned category as often as possible. For instance if her category were cars she could reference cars by puns, analogies or direct references.


Remote Control:

(4 contestants) each contestant is given a certain television program style (by the audience) to perform a "topic" given by the host/audience.(As if you are flipping channels / Host flips)


Freeze! (Switch!):

Two actors will start a scene. At any time during the scene an actor off stage can yell freeze! The actors must immediately freeze in position. The player that yelled freeze must assume the exact position of one of the actors and initiate a whole new scene starting in that position.


Gregorian Chant:

"In the fashion of a religious chant the players will now sing you a story based on your suggestion." This is really funny depending on what suggestions the audience gives. All actors Hum... While one sings a verse to the chant... then the rest follow by repeating what the first actor sings... (and so on...)


Film/Theatre Styles:

(2 or 4 contestants) Contestants act out a certain Theatre or film style (Shakespere, Slapstick, High School, Film Noir, etc.) Given by the audience. Host or Audience gives the situation.


Dance Contest:

(4 contestants) 2 Contestants act out as sports commentators, while 2 other actors use obscure dance routines to give the audience pure entertainment. This was an 'original' show highlight! ...and requires music to dance to... (We used "One Step Beyond" by Madness).


Counting Words (Sentence Game):

Each of the players in this game will be assigned a number between 1 and 10. Each sentence that the player speaks must contain that given number of words.


Die Game:

In this game all the players on stage will be telling a story. Each player is responsible for the story while the director is pointing at them. When the director switches from one player to another, the other player must pick up the story without stuttering, repeating words, or making grammatical errors. If any of the players makes such an error the audience should yell DIE!! ****This game is usually played in a combination with other games.... For Example: If played in QUESTIONS... and a player can't come up with a question the audience yells DIE! ... and the actor dies a dramatic death!***



(2 / 4 CONTESTANTS) Contestants act out a situation where one of the contestants in his/her NEW profession while still have the habits of their former occupation.


Dating Game:

(4 contestants) Contestant 1 has to pick from, and name, all three other bizarre characters in a short slew of Questions. Audience is given their identities on cue cards.


World's Worst:

(4 contestants) Contestants take turns stepping out to say A statement that you wouldn't want to hear in a given situation. E.g.: "Things you wouldn't want to hear while in a hospital"


No Laughs!:

In this scene the players will not actively attempt to create any audience response. If at any time a player makes you all laugh then they are removed from the scene and replaced by another 'more serious' player.

This can also switch (By adding the DIE GAME) if any of the other actors Laugh, The audience yells die... and they die a dramatic death, leaving that team of actors without a parter... (good in questions).



(2 Contestants) One contestant acts out a situation (given by the Audience) While the other does the sound effects.



(4 Contestants) Contestants split into 2 teams of 2. Then one at a time must ask questions about a certain situation (Given by the Audience). Contestants can ONLY speak in questions. If a contestant is stumped, the teammate ...Then steps in to the Line Of Questioning.


Insult Questions:

(4 Contestants) Same as Questions, But questions only resulting in an insult.



(4 Contestants) Similar to questions... BUT No Questions. Just Insults! 1 / 3 words.


Fixed Expressions:

(4 Contestants) Contestants are given "fixed" expressions which they are to maintain while acting out a situation. Contestants remain grouped so audience can see all expressions together (Host or Audience chooses the expression or situation).


CHANGE! (Should Have Said):

Anytime during this scene the players can be interrupted by the audience. If at anytime you don't like what they have said you make them change their sentence by yelling, "Change" . It is important to give the players a chance to build a story, but if you don't like the way that it is going then yell, "Change!"


Sit, Stand, Kneel, Lie Down (Compromising positions):

This scene will have four players. At no time can the players occupy the same position on the stage simultaneously. One player must be lying down, another player must be standing, and so on. If two players are occupying the same position, let them know about it.


Stunt Doubles (Danger Scene):

In this scene the regular actors will have stunt doubles [introducing them helps] that can replace them at any time that the scene just gets too dangerous. Of course you can determine when things are getting dangerous simply by yelling for stunt doubles! This is really funny if Actors need stunt doubles for really simple things... example: Brushing their hair, or opening doors...


Superhero Eulogy:

Several players get up and tell what they know about the deceased superhero. There is a common pattern of someone knowing them before they developed their powers, a family member, And an arch villain, eventually describing the superhero's demise. The audience likes to hear how the superhero met their fate. It makes it easier for the players if this is left to the last 'arch villan' speaker.


One Word at a Time:

In this scene two players will share the dialogue. Each player may only contribute one word at a time, the other player must then contribute the next word. Together they will build sentences and act out the story that they tell.



(2 Contestants) Contestants act out a situation in which one has to figure out an obscure "secret" about the other. This is usually done in a 50's style detective short where each contestant makes a "mental note" to the audience, as if the other contestant can't hear them.


Film Preview:

(4 Contestants) Contestant 1 portrays an announcer, while the other contestants act out a new bizarre movie. (Audience chooses movie)


Author Sketch (Typewriter Scene):

In this scene one player will be typing out a story. As characters are introduced players will join in and act out the story. Occasionally they will add dialogue to the story. The typist/author usually sits aside from the other players and starts to type out a story.


The Press:

(4 Contestants) Contestant 1 holds a "Press Conference" not knowing who they are. While the others act as reporters asking the contestant questions that should clue him/her in on who or what contestant 1 is. (Audience is given the identity via cue card)



(All Contestants - Even a few from audience) A host gathers a story line from the audience, as a panel of Actor/Comedians tell the story, A Host directs the story by using a pointer, and points to different panel members, perhaps even cutting them off in mid sentence to make it a lot more fun.